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The Sprinkler Boss Team

Sprinkler Boss is a team of top-tier irrigation specialists. Our technicians are extensively trained in hydraulics to give you the best possible irrigation solutions for any irrigation needs. Installation or repair, you will receive Boss-level quality.

The Sprinkler Boss Guarantee

Sprinkler Boss has got you covered with a one-year parts and labor warranty. We guarantee our workmanship. We guarantee our parts. Leave the hassle of your sprinklers to The Boss.

Sprinkler Boss Services

Sprinkler Diagnose & Repair

Having issues with your sprinkling system? We can diagnose many irrigation issues and repair them for you to get you back up and running with quality parts and labor with a 1-year warranty.

Sprinkler Installation

Installing an entire sprinkling system can be a big task. From digging holes to cutting pipes, let us handle this for you so you can continue about your day. Afterward, you will have an excellent irrigation system running full blast.

Winterize Sprinklers

Stagnant water left over in your sprinkler pipes can freeze through winter causing breaks and expensive fixes once winter passes. Let us winterize your sprinklers so you can be up and running come Spring time without any issues.

Spring System Turn On

Sometimes, getting your sprinkling system up and running after a long Fall and Winter can be a pain. Let us handle this daunting task and bring your entire irrigation system to life.

Why Chose Us

You should choose Sprinker Boss for your sprinkler needs because we guarantee our quality workmanship, and our parts, and provide you with a one-year parts and labor warranty to successfully see your sprinkling system to the next watering season. We’re a team of top-tier irrigation specialists who are extensively trained in hydraulics to give you the best possible irrigation solutions for any irrigation needs. We have numerous 5-star Google reviews to prove it!


My wife and I recently purchased a new home. Unfortunately, the existing sprinkler system needed to be completely redone. Fortunately, Jason was able to come out and completely redo the system. We now have full coverage and are so excited to have a beautiful green lawn this summer! Jason gave me tons of advice on lawn maintenance and care - he went above and beyond in answering all my questions, helping me feel comfortable with what was going on, and was easy to work with and quick to respond! I highly recommend Sprinkler Boss for any sprinkler needs!

Sean Costello

I spoke with Jason over the phone to discuss the issues with my sprinkler system. He was patient and gave detailed responses to my concerns and he even explained to me how I could do it myself if I so chose to. I wanted to have a professional fix because my system was never quite right. I also needed pressure reduced and a valve reinstalled and did not want to risk it myself. Two guys came and quickly helped me assess what was needed and go to work to fix it efficiently. Without needing new heads, they relocated some and adjusted others and as far as I can tell the coverage is perfect - a huge improvement; and, I finally feel like I can just let the sprinkler system do its thing. I recommend Sprinkler Boss for big or small repairs because regardless of the issue they seem like they will be fair and thorough and accomplish what you need without trying to charge for things you don't."

Taylor Holmberg

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